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Should your Loved One be in a

Home Community Based Service Group Home (HCS)

Ask yourself and your family these guiding questions before placing your loved one in a community based group home.

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Contact Information

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Arlington, Texas 76017
Phone: 817-468-3863
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About Us

Live Life Freely, Inc. is widely recognized as a distinguished provider of care programs for the intellectually and developmentally disabled. Apart from helping individuals with mental and physical challenges, we extend our help to families by providing them with supportive services in the process of acquiring appropriate care for their loved one.

We employ a team of experienced staff with extensive knowledge in working with clients and families. This exceptional workforce has allowed us to deliver the highest standards of quality in the programs we offer. This line of work is not just a means of living but we consider it a professional mission to contribute to the betterment of the community. We work with a commitment to help persons with limited functional, physical and mental abilities to live their lives as independently as they can.

These days, it’s very rare to find a line of work that truly makes a difference in someone’s life. Knowing that a client is able to choose an independent lifestyle and keep such choice with our support – it delights us to be in this profession. Live Life Freely, Inc. is proud and honored to be doing what we do. We built our company to serve the needs of families and being able to help them affects us in a profound way. We offer individualized support programs that create opportunities for clients to achieve personal goals, reduce physical limitations and raise their quality of life whether they choose to stay in a group home or if they want to stay with their family.

Whatever the individual or the family decides, Live Life Freely, Inc. will be ready to recommend and provide access to community services and support programs that will ultimately promote the well-being of clients.