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Should your Loved One be in a

Home Community Based Service Group Home (HCS)

Ask yourself and your family these guiding questions before placing your loved one in a community based group home.

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Contact Information

710 SW. Green Oaks Blvd., Ste. 160
Arlington, Texas 76017
Phone: 817-468-3863
Fax: 817-468-3864

Residential Manager

Position is currently filled.

Ensure that dignity and respect are afforded to the individual living in a Residential Program or other living environments. The Residential Manager will teach and provide support so that each individual in the home: (1) feels safe and has the best possible health (2) are afforded choices and due process (3) are provided opportunities for community inclusion (4) are encouraged to realize their personal goals.

Residential Manager experience a must. A High School diploma, GED, personal vehicle, valid Texas Drivers license, and current/on going liability insurance coverage are also required. Must have the ability to train/teach people with disabilities and train and teach new hires. Basic Knowledge of behavioral management principles, communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in written form, interact courteously and professionally at all times, ability to accept direction and make constructive use of supervision, work irregular schedules, including overnight.


A. Supervisor: Program Director

B. Supervises: Direct Care Staff in Group Home

C. Consultation(s): Will consult with LVN, RN Service Coordinator and Program Director.

D. Other responsibilities and duties as assigned by Supervisor/Manager.


Performs task correctly and according to policies and proceedings;
Act in a professional manner at all times;
Calculate and audit staff time sheets for accuracy.
Recruit new hires.
Participate and conduct interviews.
Train new hires on job duties, company policy and procedures.
Follow abuse/neglect/exploitation rules and reporting with no exceptions.
Provide training so that staff can successfully integrate into the community.
Monitor and supervise Group Home staff. Oversee auditing MAR sheets, Time Sheets and Progress Notes to ensure that direct care staff are performing job duties as assigned.
Cover shifts when employees call-in, holidays or non-covered shifts; (Group Home Only)
Transport Consumers to and from Day Habilitation center, work sites, doctor appointment and community outings as needed.

Understand and practice principles of Home Community Based Services (HCS).  Other duties as assigned by Program Director.


1. Heavy lifting 45-75 lbs.
2. Light carrying, under 15lbs.
3. Straight Pulling
4. Pulling hand over hand
5. Repeated bending
6. Reaching above shoulder
7. Simple grasping
8. Dual simultaneous grasping
9. Walking
10. Standing
11. Sitting
12. Crawling
13. Twisting
14. Kneeling
15. Pushing
16. Stooping
17. Climbing
18. Operated Equipment
19. Office Equipment
20. Ability to see
21. Depth Perception
22. Hearing (w/aide)
23. Ability to write

24. Ability to count
25. Ability to read
26. Ability to speak


1. Outside
2. Inside
3. Travel by car, van, bus
4. Excessive cold
5. Excessive heat
6. Excessive humidity
7. Excessive dampness/chill
8. Dry atmosphere
9. Excessive noise/intermittent
10. Fumes, smoke or gas
11. Working closely with others
12. Long or irregular work hours
13. Working w/machines with moving parts


1. Personal/Company vehicles;
2. Equipment/machinery as related to the clients training needs;
3. Security and Safety Equipment;
4. Office Equipment

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