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Should your Loved One be in a

Home Community Based Service Group Home (HCS)

Ask yourself and your family these guiding questions before placing your loved one in a community based group home.

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Should your Loved One be in a Community Based Group Home

Our family is important to us. We want to show them love and care for their well-being. However, there are situations when you’ll have to consider alternative care arrangements such as admitting your loved one in a care home. Although before you carve your decision on stone, it’s best to reevaluate whether or not this is the best way to provide care for your family member.

Here are some guide questions to help you decide:

  • Are you caring for a developmentally disabled loved one by yourself?
  • Are you able to maintain a job and a healthy social life with your current care schedules?
  • Do you often feel emotionally exhausted or physically worn-out from caring for your loved one on your own?
  • Does your loved one need therapy or care services that cannot be provided in your current living environment?
  • Does your loved one show signs of violence to you or others? Is your loved one a danger to himself?

Everything you’ve done for your family member is out of the love from your heart. This is natural and there will never be any form of personal care or therapy that can equal your devotion for someone in your family with a developmental or physical disability. On the other hand, it’s best to consider that perhaps there are aspects of care that need to be provided by professionals, or be administered in a more structured setting like in a care home.

We want you to make a choice that you will be at peace with. If you would like to speak to a case manager or care coordinator from Live Life Freely, Inc. please give us a call at 817-468-3863. We will listen and provide you with the valuable advice to steer you into making the best decision for your family member.